The importance of Attitude

If I think to consolidate the single most important learning from 17+ years working in kitchens/ethical businesses, I’d say that attitude really is the single most important factor.

Although experience is a key factor we look for in a recruit, what I have found is that within a very short space of time (3-6 months), the attitude someone holds towards their job trumps experience.

An inexperienced person who is happy to simply engage with their task, and have a basic premise to improve what they do, very quickly becomes a far more reliable asset than an experienced person, who can perform, but who rests back into thinking they’ve learned all they need to know.

What I mean by attitude is twofold –
*interpersonal attitude <humility, wanting to improve how and what one does, happy for feedback from anyone>
*task attitude <enthusiasm for the work, integrity of finding work you can enjoy, and embrace>

So simple, yet often so elusive.

Yet the causes for a disengaged attitude are complex.

What feeds this from a systems point of view is in many cases simple things, like knowing one’s role, accountabilities and job description.

What unites both, and is a key factor in any kind of organisation is of course communication.

My sources for these ideas are in a large part from the following:

Fred Kofman’s ‘Conscious Business’, which is well worth reading, and owning.

It was, along with Holacracy, and my good friends at Waking up the Workplace, highly influential in what went behind Fusion Organic Cafe‘s vision and manifestation, together with all the wonderful people who made it happen, and are still making it happen today.
These guys deserve a mention with their new project too.

As many good things seem to come in threes, Kofman is of Otto Scharmer’s MIT colleagues, which means Bill Torbert and Action Inquiry must get a mention as well!

Taken from a great summary article of Conscious Business.

“Seven qualities of conscious leadership

The seven qualities of conscious leadership that Fred Kofman describes are distributed in the following three interdependent categories:

Three characters attributes: Unconditional responsibility, essential integrity,and ontological humility.

Three interpersonal skills: authentic communication, constructive negotiation,and impeccable coordination.

One enabling condition for previous six: Emotional mastery”

Melvin Jarman Jan 2014

I am seeking work as an Organisation Development consultant, and run workshops in healthy eating and sustainable food enterprise, for children, teenagers or adults. I can be contacted professionally though LinkedIn.

I also run a private catering operation, where I operate the healthy-tasty ethos in full force.

References – these are the key books and articles that have either influenced me, or have helped me make sense of my experiences from 2 years working as a catering tutor with students of Freeman College.


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