Product review ~ Biodegradable disposables

As a chef and caterer with ethical principles, I have long been on the look out for biodegradable disposables, such as platters, containers and serving dishes. I have found and tried numerous companies/products, and they are good for the basics – coffee cups, salad tubs, serviettes, sandwich sleeves etc, but until recently I hadn’t found any platters suitable for serving gourmet canapes and buffets that were biodegradable and affordable- and looked good.

Through dear old twitter i stumbled across Restaurantware and they have some fantastic looking products! I have been requested to review their products – I happily do so, and look forward to using them.

There are many dishes that deserve to be in a canape selection on merit of their flavour, but aren’t so easily presentable, such as salads, and world street food, that could be made to look fantastic in these dishes.


For adding that elegant special touch to a wedding meal or a corporate event needing to impress, they look good to fit the bill, and are affordable, at around 10-40 pence per piece for most their elegant black and white tableware.





For a more natural look (a range I can’t wait to try for my next canape clients!) I recommend the bamboo range.

and these cones will make almost anything look good!

There are many variations that elevate the much used skewer to new heights…




So my search seems over, and I can’t wait to get to try these products!

If you’re interested contact Jane through their website – there’s free shipping over £500…





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