Organic Fusion Catering is born…

It has been two weeks now since I said goodbye to the college and students, my faithful team and loyal customers, and my baby, Fusion Organic Cafe.

I’ve not been sitting idle…

I have catered 4 events, built the website & facebook page, got the logo, and set up some cost management systems. I have a good few bookings lined up, and stocked up on cooking gear at the fantastic suppliers in Chesterfield… I am truly loving this new step!!!

I have also got a golden handshake from a local funding body to set the business up as a social enterprise – I’m still pinching myself, yes that did happen…

I know the food and ingredients can wow clients, and I know that I can bring young people into this work, and I know that Sheffield has more and more fantastic local and organic produce available, so I can’t wait to get cracking!

Here’s to creating an Organic Fusion of food, cultures, ethics, people and social renewal!




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