Organic Fusion Catering is born…

It has been two weeks now since I said goodbye to the college and students, my faithful team and loyal customers, and my baby, Fusion Organic Cafe.

I’ve not been sitting idle…

I have catered 4 events, built the website & facebook page, got the logo, and set up some cost management systems. I have a good few bookings lined up, and stocked up on cooking gear at the fantastic suppliers in Chesterfield… I am truly loving this new step!!!

I have also got a golden handshake from a local funding body to set the business up as a social enterprise – I’m still pinching myself, yes that did happen…

I know the food and ingredients can wow clients, and I know that I can bring young people into this work, and I know that Sheffield has more and more fantastic local and organic produce available, so I can’t wait to get cracking!

Here’s to creating an Organic Fusion of food, cultures, ethics, people and social renewal!




Goodbye to my baby


Today is my last day working in Fusion Organic Cafe, which has been my second ‘baby’ for almost 5 years (my daughter being of course my first and real one!)

In 2008 I founded the multi-award winning Fusion Organic Cafe, a pioneering social enterprise set up within the larger organisational context of a therapeutic education trust. Setting up the business to service the needs of Freeman College’s SEN students whilst trading as a successful enterprise gave many skills in both business start-up and management, and organisation design and development.

The food ethos employed by Fusion fostered an authentic yet pragmatic approach to answering the challenges of doing things differently from the industry standard. Fusion was designed with the holistic bigger picture in mind: ‘people planet profit’ was more than an espoused statement and was carried through into ethical sourcing, sustainable operations/waste reduction and the creation of a collaborative and developmental work culture.

”By co-creating a vibrant and ethical food enterprise with a work culture of creativity, love for
one’s work, professionalism and humility, we can build jobs, promote staff development and can
successfully role model this real and accessible pathway into the world of work to our students
and trainess, offering both hospitality qualifications and transferable work and living skills to
help them in their transition to independent living, .”

I come out of this a completely transformed person, and never dreamed such rapid growth was possible, and am grateful beyond words for having been given the opportunity to do it.

I also come away with a clear perception that it is through your attitude to your work, I think more than anything else, that you can access your potential.

In myself I have seen that my natural tendency to wholeheartedly engage in my job has been the singe biggest factor in every element of any of my successes.

In others, I have seen again and again how attitude trumps experience, quite majorly!

And Sheffield – you have been good to me! I came here 6 years ago, with a backpack in possessions and 5 gcse’s in qualifications, and am now a father and social entrepreneur with a track record, aiming to study a masters.

In all of my past jobs in cafes and restaurants before coming to Sheffield, I was acutely aware of the fact that any business is an organisation, which is like a beast with massive energy and momentum, and you can either get in the way trying to implement your own agenda (which I have seen time and time again is a sure road to burnout) getting knocked down flat by it, or you can try to harness it with a good dose of commitment and humility, allowing you to tame the beast, and steer and guide a force for change.

Fusion, I hand you over, happy in the knowledge that the foundation is solid and will be built upon. I couldn’t have asked for a better go of it!!!

And thank you everyone who made it happen!

From customers to my dear family, to the team, organisation and students, as well as the many people who offered their advice and assistance, I bow down in gratitude!

I am far from sad – more like ecstatic!

I am ready for my coming freelance career, and am look forward to taking my ideas into a wider context!

Good bye Fusion, Hello Me.

Melvin Jarman